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Travel Lambretta

Travel Lambretta Late Series 2 & Series 3 LI SX TV DL & GP CDI / REGULATOR / GPS Stash Pack

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Travel Lambretta Sourced Battery Stash Pack.  Original style Empty Black Battery with Internal Mounting Bracket to bolt on whatever you like. 

Ideal for original looking restorations that want modern electrics. 

Will only fit models that has a Battery Tray Fitted.

Lambretta models this part will fit:

  • Lambretta Series 2 LI125, LI150 & TV175 (late models with wider Battery Tray).
  • Lambretta Series 3 LI125, LI150, LI150 Special, 125 Special, SX150, SX200, TV175 & TV200.
  • Lambretta DL/GP125, DL/GP150, DL/GP200.