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Tutto Lambretta

STRATOS Lambretta DL & GP Large Engine Mount Set

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Tutto Lambretta Stratos made Engine Mount Set for all Lambretta Series 1 2 3 LI SX TV DL & GP models including Spanish and Indian SIL models.

Italian made engine mounts. These come sided, as the engine side (marked yellow) is a slightly a firmer mount. Great quality mounts that are super hard to get. 

When fitting

The Mounts have top left side and top right side on them. The holes on the mounts should always point towards the front of your scooter. Top hole should roughly be in the 1 o'clock position.

This product will fit Lambretta models:

  • Lambretta DL/GP125, DL/GP150, DL/GP200.

Qty Needed 1.

Original Part Number 19710030.

About Tutto Lambretta

Tutto Lambretta located in Italy produce some of the best Lambretta products on the market. Owned by Ori and Valla, you will find these at most parts shows in Italy. Producers of the high quality Stratos Race Line as well as standard parts for all things Lambretta.