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SIP Vespa & Lambretta Indoor Cover

SIP Vespa & Lambretta Indoor Cover

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  • size L
  • 2030x960x1290 mm
  • 4-layer, inner lining soft flannel
  • grey
  • not fully waterproof ! only dust proof


Many scooters get unintentionally scratched, dirty and otherwise damaged while parked in your garage, shed or hallway. These high quality SIP Indoor scooter covers are the perfect antidote to prevent this happening to any scooter being stored for longer periods or over Winter.


Due to their heavy-duty design your pride and joy remains protected when parked indoors. The high quality four-layered material has a fleece lining to cushion against minor scrapes causing damage to the paintwork. The material repels water but is not fully waterproof and does not soak up moisture. Good ventilation properties maintain a stable climate around the scooter and helps prevent conditions facilitating corrosion.


The cover was especially designed to conform to the distinctive styling that is the definition of scooter design. To allow the cover to be conveniently stored the design includes two carrying handles, for longer periods it can also be completely packed away into the pocket sewn into its interior.


The SIP Premium cover is manufactured using the highest quality materials. Pockets containing extra storage capacity have been included to cater for a rear-mounted top-case, prominent windshields and also extended mirror stems. If these extra facilities are not required for the scooter to be covered they can be conveniently stowed away and fastened with zipped openings in their respective pockets, located on the inside of the cover.


Conclusion: The SIP Indoor scooter cover is ideal for protecting your scooter from dust and grime or while it is being parked indoors for longer periods.

  • protects against sun, dust and small scratches
  • stable at both high and low temperatures.
  • produced using a high quality material including a fleece lining.
  • elasticated hem ensuring quicker and more stable positioning over your scooter.
  • integrated ventilation system.
  • 100% UV stable.
  • includes practical stowage bag, sewn into the lining.
  • Premium version with transparent panel for registration plate visibility
  • Premium : Suitable for all scooters fitted with a top-case and/or a wind shield (up to 650mm or 26” tall) with optional extra features sewn into interior pockets.
  • Classic - Size M: 177x84x109cm - perfectly dimensioned for all classic Vespa/Lambretta models and all automatic scooters/maxiscooters up to the size of a Vespa LX
  • Premium - Size 'L' 203x96x129cm - perfectly dimensioned for all classic Vespa/Lambretta models and all modern automatic scooters/maxiscooters up to the size of a Vespa GTS.




Helpful Hint : Before use on light coloured materials as on seats or grips make sure that the scooter cover doesn´t lose colour. To avoid this we advise that the cover be carefully washed before use. This cover does not prevent any potential condensation occurring, so we recommend regular ventilation when the scooter is covered for long periods.

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