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Scootopia Lambretta LI SX TV DL & GP 185 Barrel, Exhaust & Carb Bundle Set

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Two versions available.

Scootopia Barrel kit

Scootopia made 185 Cylinder Barrel & Piston Kit for all Lambretta Series 1 2 3 LI SX TV DL & GP.

This is the second version on the Scootopia 185 Barrel and Piston Kit. 

The barrel is Aluminium and is Nikasil plated and comes with an Aluminium head (there’s no need for a head gasket for the kit). The Piston is 64mm, comes with Wire Clips and 2 Piston Rings. The Kit also comes with specially designed Inlet and Base Gaskets, 42mm Clubman Gasket, M7 Exhaust Studs, Inlet Studs (Small Block style), Deep M8 x 14mm Cylinder Nuts, High Tensile Cylinder Studs and 14mm Cylinder Spacer Nut.

This kit is can be fitted to any Lambretta Series 1,2,3 OR DL/GP 125/150 & 175 engine case. 

Scootopia 42mm Clubman Exhaust

Scootopia made Ancillotti style Clubman Exhaust for all Lambretta Series 1 2 3 LI SX TV DL & GP models including Spanish and Indian SIL models.

You won't find a better Exhaust in this price range, value for money is 100% guaranteed. The Sprung Loaded U bend is a 2 part Chrome U Bend, once connected to your Cylinder there will be no need to remove it again. You also get a Spring Puller with the Exhaust to help with fitment. 

The Exhaust will allow for more torque through the rev range and is made to a great quality making fitment easy. The sound isn't as loud as the AF Exhaust but we hope the price reflects this. The Clubman also comes with its Gasket.

Scootopia 22mm Carb Set

Scootopia made Complete 22mm Carb Set for all Lambretta Series 3 LI SX TV DL & GP models including Spanish and Indian SIL models.

Ideal kit for anyone wanting to change everything over from an 18 or 20mm Carb set up. All parts in this kit are produced by Scootopia. The Air Hose is nice and firm, Clips fit well, Studs and nuts are to factory spec and the 22mm is one of Scootopias best selling products with huge success.

The Scootopia Carb is a direct copy of the original Lambretta Factory Dellorto SH2/22 Carb (not Jetex). All Dellorto parts are interchangeable with the Scootopia Carb. 

This kit consists of:

  • Scootopia 22mm Carb
  • Scootopia Inlet Manifold (125/150/175/185cc or 200cc)
  • Scootopia Inlet Manifold Stud Set with White Nyloc Nuts
  • Scootopia Inlet Manifold Gasket
  • Scootopia 22mm Air Hose  & 2 x Steel Clips (second version comes with Remote Air Filter).