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Casa Lambretta

Scootopia / Casa Lambretta LIS SX TV Early Side Panel Badge & Mechanism Refurb Set

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A Travel Lambretta Combination of both Casa Lambretta & Scootopia products. 

This is the Casa Lambretta & Scootopia Lambretta "Special" style Side Panel Refurb Kit (for 1966 onwards models). All products are made to a great quality and fit as they should. Perfect for anyone who have just freshly painted their Side Panels. 

This Set consists of:

  • 1 Pair x Casa Lambretta Aluminium Side Panel Set With Fixings.
  • 1 Pair x Scootopia Late style Side Panel Handle Set (used from 1966 onwards).
  • 1 Pair x Scootopia Early style White Side Panel Roller Set With Screws & Washers (used until 1966 ).
  • 1 Pair x Scootopia Aluminium Side Panel Badge Set

Lambretta models this part will fit:


  • Lambretta Series 3  LI150 Special, 125 Special, SX150, TV175 & TV200 (pre 1966).

The Casa "Special" Flash Set are attached by Speed Clips, they simply attach to the Fixed Pin on the Flash from the inside of the Side Panel. 

The Scootopia Handles and Rollers and the Early "White" Roller set used until 1966.

The Side Panel Badges are Aluminium that have fixed posts that you tap flat with a small Hammer. You can also use small Speed Clips if you go to a Hardware Shop and ask for a Clip small enough.