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MB Lambretta Series 3 LI SX TV DL & GP Adjustable Kickstart Lever

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MB Race-Tour Series 3 kickstart pedal (lever).

Lambretta models this part will fit:


  • Lambretta Series 3 LI125, LI150, LI150 Special, 125 Special, SX150, SX200, TV175 & TV200.
  • Lambretta DL/GP125, DL/GP150, DL/GP200.

Adjustable on the stop to help reposition the lever in a better place if the splines on the kickstart shaft are a little out. 

The adjustable stop can be set in 3 positions.

This lever is also designed so the foot part is higher than normal so there is less movement to the floor so you get a better kick and better starting.

Made from high tensile steel and dull zinc plated (some may come painted Silver) Zinc plating can rust, so you can paint these, polish these and laquer or chrome plate them if you want.

Works with a 8mm bolt so it locks the lever onto the shaft, some shafts may need a drill running down for it to fit.