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  • Lambretta LI SX TV DL GP Sidecase Studs
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Scootopia Lambretta LI SX TV DL & GP Sidecase Stud, Nut & Washer Set

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Scootopia made Sidecase Stud, Nut & Washer Set for all Lambretta Series 1 2 3 LI SX TV DL & GP models.

In this kit you get:

  • 2 x Sidecase Dowels.
  • 16 x M6 Sidecase Studs with Zinc Plated Deep M6 Nuts & Black Steel Washers.
  • 2 x M8 Exhaust/Sidecase Studs with Zinc Plated M8 (13mm head) Nuts & Black Steel Washers.

This is a great kit that caters for all models. The Studs and Washers are Black Steel (as original) and the M6 Nuts are specific to Lambretta models due to the depth of them. 

This product will fit Lambretta models:

  • Lambretta Series 1 LI125, LI150, TV175.
  • Lambretta Series 2 LI125, LI150, TV175.
  • Lambretta Series 3 LI125, LI150, LI150 Special, 125 Special, SX150, SX200, TV175, TV200.
  • Lambretta DL/GP125, DL/GP150, DL/GP200. (excluding late models)

About Scootopia.

Scootopia located in Weston-Super-Mare, established in the mid 1990s. In the early days Scootopia started out producing ULMA Accessories and Ancillotti Seats. Scootopia also imported parts into the UK, brands including Casa Lambretta, Tutto Lambretta & MEC EUR way before any other UK traders. Fast forward to today, Scootopia now produce most Lambretta LI SX TV & DL/GP factory standard parts at an affordable price. Great value for money.