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Casa Lambretta

Casa Lambretta Lambretta Series 1 & 2 LI TV Legshield Beading End Cap Set

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Casa Lambretta Italian made Legshield Beading Cap Set (set of 4) for all Lambretta Series 1 2 LI TV models including Spanish and Indian SIL models.

Set of 4 Aluminium End Caps with Zinc Plated Screws. All made to a great quality.


Lambretta models this part will fit:

  • Lambretta Series 1 LI125, LI150 & TV175.
  • Lambretta Series 2 LI125, LI150 & TV175.


Qty needed: 1set.

Original Part Number: 15050064 - 15050063


About Casa Lambretta

Casa Lambretta is located less than ten kilometres from Innocenti's premises in Milan, Rodano. Since 1980 Vittorio Tessera has dedicated himself to the production of Lambretta parts. From parts for the m (A) model to the dl 200.