Factory Spec Engine Mount Nuts? why use them?

Factory Spec Engine Mount Nuts? why use them?

Everyone in the Lambretta world has their own preference to engine mounts Casa, SIL, Scootopia, BGM etc. Some people have vibration issues from a certain mount and some people have no issues whatsoever from exactly the same mount. There are a number of reasons for this however unfairly it's normally the blame of the engine mount.

Putting vibration issues aside it is also common to see ripped engine mounts where the central metal bush has pulled/twisted away, again it is unfairly blamed on the mount! 

The image above shows two different engine mount nuts. The right one is an off the shelf nyloc nut that 90% of riders use (just because it has a nyloc, correct thread pitch and size i doesn't mean that it's going to work fine) you can see it's much deeper to the left side (Tutto Lambretta) factory spec nut. It's common to see over tightened nuts so that the nyloc catches the engine bar (as the nut is too deep), this tends to squash the wavy washer against the metal bush inside mount.....im guessing you can all see where i am going with this by now but again, as the mount has turned to mush, it's the mounts fault!

Be a mount saver and give it some extra life by using the correct nuts!!! Travel Lambretta now have original style white nyloc, correct depth zinc plated nuts now in stock. Go buy some! Click here to the product page

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